27 November 2011

Dr. Ng - Graduan Palsi Serebrum Ijazah Kedoktoran Yang Pertama

Berikut merupakan berita tentang Dr. Ng Chee Kyun yang merupakan individu palsi serebrum yang pertama memperolehi ijazah kedoktoran di negara kita.

The Star Online - 26 Aug 2007

Disabled grad with cerebral palsy creates history at UPM

SERDANG: When he joined Universiti Putra Malaysia 13 years ago, Dr Ng Chee Kyun used a BMX bicycle to move around the campus grounds.

Dr Ng, who has cerebral palsy, described the bicycle as his “friend” that had accompanied him through many ups and downs until it was stolen three months ago.

The 32-year-old is the first disabled student with cerebral palsy to graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy in Communications and Network Engineering in the history of UPM.

"It's hard for people to imagine how disabled people live. I remember when I first started my diploma course here, several of my coursemates ignored me when I asked them for clarification on the lectures."

"I felt like crying and didn’t know if I could continue my studies,” he said.

Many were moved to tears when he gave a heartfelt speech before UPM Chancellor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah at the 31st convocation of UPM.

Despite his problem with speech, hearing and difficulty controlling his movements, Dr Ng, who is a researcher with Mimos Bhd, likes sports and had won several prizes including the first prize playing futsal in the National Paralympic Circuit Championship in 2005.

Dr Ng’s mother Mary Tay, 64, said she was quite concerned when he wanted to pursue his doctorate degree.

“My husband and I were worried that he might not be able to cope, but he did it. We are very happy for him,” said Tay, adding that Dr Ng is the only PhD holder in the family.

Meanwhile, Sultan Sharafuddin said graduates should be innovative in creating success.

“The competition is so stiff that graduates cannot just wait for career opportunities created by other people. Graduates should be prepared and be able to identify opportunities and turn the opportunities into a new career prospect,” he said.

Tan Sri Rozali Ismail was proclaimed as Pro-Chancellor of UPM on a three-year term during the convocation.

Selain mereka, terdapat individu-individu palsi serebrum lain yang mempunyai ijazah sama ada yang sedang belajar dan yang telah habis belajar.

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