02 Oktober 2011

Adik Siaw Choo Lee Berucap di Atas Pentas

Pernahkah anda berucap di depan orang ramai? Adakah anda berasa takut atau malu untuk berbuat demikian?

Mari kita ikuti berita tentang adik Siaw Choo Lee, kanak-kanak palsi serebrum yang pada ketika itu hanya berusia 7 tahun, berucap di atas pentas dengan penuh keyakinan.

The Star Online - Thursday December 2, 2010

Children with special needs walk tall

SEVEN-year-old Siaw Choo Lee, who has cerebral palsy, walked confidently on the stage to give his thanksgiving speech at a graduation ceremony for children with special needs at Methodist Care Centre in Sibu.

Speaking in Chinese, Siaw thanked his teachers for guiding and teaching him over the past four years.

It was at the centre that he learnt to communicate, a feat in which most celebral palsy patients have difficulty, he said.

“Because of my teachers, I can stand here and talk to you,” he said to applause from those present.

Siaw also thanked his mother for her care and love.

At the ceremony, 19 children received their certificates from Sibu Methodist Church president Datuk Reverend Su Chii Ann.

Three of them, who are young adults, had completed their employment training programme while eight others had gone through a year of independent living.

In his address, Su congratulated the teachers for their selfless devotion in guiding the children.

Because of the teachers, the children could move on with their lives with confidence and independence, he said.

The centre, he said, was a voluntary body set up to help children live a normal life despite their challenges.

Adakah anda berasa kagum dengan adik Siaw Choo Lee? Adakah anda berasa tercabar selepas membaca berita tentangnya?

Ikuti catatan seterusnya bertajuk Zaman Persekolahan Kami pada 9 October 2011

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